Cable tie buying skills and buying misunderstandings
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Cable tie buying skills and buying misunderstandings

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The purchase process of heat resistant cable tie is generally to determine the purchase demand, select a reliable brand, select the cable tie that matches the usage conditions, check the quality of the cable tie, and finally buy the cable tie. Next, let's take a look at the buying skills and buying misunderstandings of the cable tie. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • What are the buying tips for cable ties?

  • The misunderstanding of cable tie purchase.

What are the buying tips for cable ties?

First, check if the workmanship of UL approved cable tie is fine, rough, and flexible. The cable ties can be folded randomly to see if there are cracks or breaks. Second, the cable tie tension value of different models is different, please pay attention to ask clearly when purchasing to avoid insufficient tension value of the cable tie you choose, and it will be easy to disconnect during the final use. Third, some cable ties have different colors, so you can choose products of different colors according to your preferences so that you can know what's stored inside without opening the bag when you open the package later. Fourth, check whether the tooth groove of the cable tie is qualified. If the tooth groove is too shallow, it may loosen during the strapping process. At the same time, check whether the anti-loosening card is firm.

The misunderstanding of cable tie purchase.

Can a cable tie be replaced by a rope?

The cable tie cannot be replaced by a rope. Some consumers feel that cable ties can be replaced by rope instead of cable ties. Cable tie is not fully integrated into life only because it appeared later than rope. A cable tie is better than a rope in many cases. For example, in terms of tightness, the cable tie generally does not appear to be loose. In terms of convenience, because cable tie does not need to be tied, it is easy to operate and improve efficiency. Whether it is a releasable cable tie or a mounted cable tie, they generally perform better than ropes.

The bigger the cable tie, the better?

The cable tie is not as big as possible. Some consumers think that the longer and wider the cable tie, the better its tightness. This is a wrong view. The tightness of the cable tie is not only related to the size of the object to be bundled. Objects that are too small are not suitable for tying with too large ties. At the same time, the cogging and anti-loosening of the cable tie are also the main reasons that affect the tightness of the cable tie. You should check whether it is qualified when purchasing. Only with this cooperation, the tightness of the stainless steel barb-locking nylon cable tie can be guaranteed.

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