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Stainless Steel Cable Tie
The UL certified Roller ball stainless steel cable ties 
are offered in both AISI304 non-magnetic and AISI316 
non-magnetic, and also available in both coated and
uncoated versions. Ball-Locking ties come with a 
heavy duty buckle that offers superior corrosive, abrasive 
and UV resistance performance that makes this 
product perfect for harsh duty or marine environments….
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Copper & Bi-metal Lugs
EASE Cable Lug and Connectors are made from high
conductivity copper as well as pure aluminum for 
bi-metal types. Our bimetallic terminal consists of
copper palm integrated to an aluminum barrel by
process of friction welding which was done in special
machines ensures a positive bond of the two metals 
at the interface by fusion...
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IP68 Cable Glands
Our IP68 water-proof Nylon Cable Gland is made from UL 
approved Polyamide 6. The material is flame-retardant
as UL94-V0 for the plastic body and UL94-V1 for the
rubber sealing. The trapezoid thread design for high
torque can guarantee tight and fit installation, avoid the
thread jumping...
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Terminal Blocks
A complete range of Terminal Strips with different housing 
material: PE/PP/PA/PC, Bakelite and high temperature
ceramic (high quality porcelain connector). All types 
are complying with RoHS, REACH and certified by CE
while some with VDE and IMQ approval. All screws are
captive and raised for easy wiring…
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About Us

EASE, founded in 1996, the leading manufacturer in Europe and China for Cable & Lighting Accessories. A totally positive business approach and dedication to a policy of making outstanding quality from China is key to our continued success. With Strong focus on products quality, heavy investment has been made in tooling design and mould making for our group manufacturers. Strictly raw material control and evaluation guarantees the consistency of our mass production quality.

All manufacturing is carried out under ISO 9001, with most of them complying with RoHS, REACH and certified by UL, VDE and IMQ making EASE products the envy of many competitors.



EASE, founded in 1996, the leading manufacturer in Europe and China for Cable & Lighting Accessories.


More than 25 years experience in production of the Cable Connectors.


Promised quality and the best services based on our sales office and warehouse in the UK, which always sets us apart from many other Chinese suppliers.


OEM / ODM with lowest possible tooling cost.


Reasonable MOQ/MOV. This can be discussed when we know the certain sizes you need.

One-Stop Shop

One-stop shop for wide range of high-quality cable termination and accessories.


Electrical Industry

· Power Plants
· Panel Builders
· Electrical Wholesalers
· Electrical Installers

Machine Building Industry

· Tooling Machines
· All other Machines
· Hydraulic-Applications
· Pneumatic-Applications

Industrial- and Public Projects

· Panel Builders
· Electrical Wholesalers
· Electrical Installers

Transport Industry

· Trucks and Cars
· Buses Ship
· Building Industry


   The highest, most-reliable quality of products and services.  

   OEM / ODM with lowest possible tooling cost, very flexible and customer oriented.  

   Reasonable MOQ/MOV to make things easy to start.  

    The same day delivery in the UK from the warehouse in KENT,  and 2-5 days delivery all across the Europe to meet your urgent needs.    

    Loyal, trust-based relationships with employees and trade partners.  

copper tube lug.png
What types of copper tube lugs do you know?

Copper tube lugs can be divided into European copper tube lug series, plug-in copper tube lug series, barrier copper tube lug series, spring copper tube lug series, track copper tube lug series, through-wall copper tube lug series, photoelectric coupling copper tube lug series.Here is the content li

DTL copper and aluminum cable lugs.png
What is the difference between DTL copper and aluminum cable lugs and other connectors?

DTL copper and aluminum cable lugs are classified as connectors in the industry, which is an accessory product used to realize electrical connections. With the increasing degree of industrial automation and the stricter and more precise requirements of industrial control, the use of copper and alumi

copper tube lugs.png
What are the uses and design principles of copper tube lugs?

The copper tube lugs we often use are also called wire lugs, copper wire lugs, copper pipe lugs, wiring terminals, etc. They are the connectors that we often use to connect wires and cables to electrical equipment. Be sure to pay attention: copper tube lugs are only used for wires larger than 10 squ

DTL copper and aluminum cable lug.png
What are the reasons for the fusing of DTL copper and aluminum cable lugs?

At present, DTL copper and aluminum cable lugs are mainly used in outdoor cable installation, and DTL copper and aluminum cable lugs are mainly used for failure. The main reasons for the fusing of DTL copper and aluminum cable lugs are as follows: 1. The quality does not meet the requirements of nat


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