What types of copper tube lugs do you know?
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What types of copper tube lugs do you know?

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Copper tube lugs can be divided into European copper tube lug series, plug-in copper tube lug series, barrier copper tube lug series, spring copper tube lug series, track copper tube lug series, through-wall copper tube lug series, photoelectric coupling copper tube lug series.

Here is the content list:

  • What are the characteristics of PCB copper tube lugs?

  • What are the characteristics of the H-type through-the-wall copper tube lug?

What are the characteristics of PCB copper tube lugs?

The PCB copper tube lug is made up of two parts plug-in connection, one part presses the wire tightly, and then plugged into the other part, this part is soldered to the PCB board. This shockproof design and the mechanical principle of the connection bottom ensure the reliability of product quality and long-term air-tight connection. Mounting ears can be installed at both ends of the socket to protect the splices and prevent poor splice arrangement. At the same time, this socket design can ensure that the socket can be correctly inserted into the mother body. In addition, to fix the product more firmly, assembly buckles and lock buckles can be added. After installation, the lock buckles can lock the mother body and the socket. A variety of socket designs can be matched with different matrix insertion methods, such as horizontal, vertical, or inclined to the printed circuit board, etc., and different methods can be selected according to customer requirements. You can choose either metric wire gauge or standard wire gauge, which is currently the most popular copper tube lug type on the market.

What are the characteristics of the H-type through-the-wall copper tube lug?

This type of copper tube lug uses screw connection technology, the insulating material is PA66, and the connector uses high-quality, highly conductive metal materials. H-type through-wall copper tube lugs can be installed side by side on panels with a thickness of 1mm to 10mm, and can automatically compensate and adjust the distance of the panel thickness to form a copper tube lug with any number of poles, and can use isolation plates to increase air gap and creepage distance. The wall-through copper tube lugs can be firmly installed in the rectangular reserved holes on the panel without any tools. The installation is extremely convenient. The H-shaped wall-through copper tube lugs are widely used in some occasions that require wall-through solutions: power supply, wave filtering electronic equipment, such as electrical appliances, electrical control cabinets, etc. The terminal has good insulation performance, high protection level, and is very simple and convenient to install. It saves many unnecessary wiring steps for customers. Users can directly work after external wiring. The insulating material of the copper tube lug is modified nylon, which has good electrical and mechanical properties. The screw is made of high-strength copper alloy, the conductor is made of electrolytic copper, and the wireframe is made of alloy copper that resists stress crack corrosion. The surface of these metals is also tinned or nickel-plated for protection. The all-copper copper tube lug can avoid the battery effect of steel metal parts and copper wires in a humid environment. There is a connection hole in the middle of the copper tube lug, which can be connected in the center or with a side plug-in connector.

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