What are the uses and design principles of copper tube lugs?
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What are the uses and design principles of copper tube lugs?

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The copper tube lugs we often use are also called wire lugs, copper wire lugs, copper pipe lugs, wiring terminals, etc. They are the connectors that we often use to connect wires and cables to electrical equipment. Be sure to pay attention: copper tube lugs are only used for wires larger than 10 square meters, copper noses are not used for wires smaller than 10 square meters, and cold-pressed wire noses are used instead.

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  • What are the uses of copper tube lugs?

  • What are the design principles of copper tube lugs?

What are the uses of copper tube lugs?

Nowadays, copper noses are more and more widely used, so special attention should be paid: copper noses can be divided into tin-plated and non-tinned surfaces, pipe pressure type, and oil blocking type. So when you use it, you must read it carefully to prevent incorrect use. The copper tube lug is to be connected with other devices, and the continuity of the current needs to be ensured. The wiring copper tube lug is the part that connects the battery to the external conductor. It is divided into a single hole, double hole, socket, hook, etc., used for connecting wires to electrical appliances or other electronic equipment. The top is fixed on the equipment with screws. The end is used to connect the copper core of the wire and cable. Copper tube lugs are widely used in various lamps, lighting, household appliances, industrial appliances, power distribution cabinets, automotive wiring harnesses, wires and cables, electronic motors, power systems, and other industries. It is conceivable that we need it everywhere in our lives. In addition, copper tube lugs can also be used in wiring harness processing, automobiles, ships, railroads, aerospace, robotics R&D and manufacturing, wind power, solar power, nuclear power, and other fields.

What are the design principles of copper tube lugs?

1) It is recommended to determine the contact position of the copper tube lug and the daughterboard and the terminal displacement before the design, which can help the design analysis in the later stage and determine the choice of copper tube lug material. 2) The parts supplier should be determined as soon as possible, which can be referred to and discussed during the design process. 3) The force arm of the copper tube lug should have an appropriate length, and strive to obtain a similar positive force value and a similar stress value between the cold-pressed terminals so that the service life of all copper tube lugs is as close as possible. 4) The design of copper tube lugs should be simple and clear, and the problem points should be easy to control. 5) The width of the plastic slot can be controlled and adjusted, which can be used as the control of the maximum displacement of the copper tube lug and can protect the cold-pressed terminal.

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