How to choose the right copper tube lug?
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How to choose the right copper tube lug?

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The standard definition of copper tube lug is as follows: copper tube lug is an accessory product used to realize the electrical connection. Specifically, the wire lug is used to facilitate the connection of wires. The copper tube lug is a section enclosed in insulating plastic. The metal sheet has holes at both ends to insert wires. Insert or unplug according to the connection needs to be disconnected or connected.

Here is the content list:

●Why is it important to choose the right copper tube lug?

●How to choose the copper tube lug for the motor?

Why is it important to choose the right copper tube lug?

The small copper tube lugs are also of all kinds, materials, and shapes. According to raw materials, the most common copper tube lugs are PCB board materials, and there are also metal ones. Except for the conductive metal inserts, the rest are insulators, which can ensure the safety of the link and avoid accidents caused by electric shock. According to the shape of the copper tube lugs, there are currently more than two hundred specifications in the market. Mainly include fence type terminal block, straight type terminal block, fence type terminal block, plug-in terminal block, spring-type terminal block, spring-type terminal block, European standard terminal block, European style terminal block, etc. According to different wire connection occasions, different wiring ports are required. Different shapes can meet different needs. The quality of the threaded nose is also very good. The quality of the connection terminal is firm and not easy to be damaged. The internal metal insert has excellent electrical conductivity to ensure smooth energization. In addition, its torsion force is also very strong.

It can be seen that in all applications, the temperature of the metal conductor is a very important factor. This is even more important for industrial equipment. Because industrial equipment usually needs to work in an environment with a temperature as high as 80°C. If the temperature of the plug-in copper tube lug is 30°C or 45°C higher than this temperature, the temperature of the copper tube lug will exceed 100°C. According to the nominal value type and insulating material of the selected device, the products must work at a current lower than the rated value, to ensure that they can work reliably within the desired temperature range. Sometimes, materials suitable for compact packaging devices may not be able to meet the heat dissipation requirements well, so the current when using such copper tube lug devices must be much lower than the rated value. In this way, it reflects the importance of how to choose copper tube lugs.

How to choose the copper tube lug for the motor?

Use all-copper tube lugs for small motors. If the motor is too large and you cannot buy all-copper tube lugs or use aluminum wires, use copper-aluminum lugs. Because the temperature is high when the motor is working at full load, the copper tube lug is the most easily oxidized place, and the space in the junction box is small. Once the oxidation contact is poor, it is easy to cause the vicious accident of aluminum melting and arc short circuit, so try not to use it.

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