How to design the ceramic terminal block?
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How to design the ceramic terminal block?

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The product design is a comprehensive design integrating product standards, materials, structure, electroplating, certification, molds, and manufacturing processes, and ceramic terminal blocks are no exception.

Here is the content list:

  • How to choose the material of the ceramic terminal block?

  • How to design the structure of the ceramic terminal block?

How to choose the material of the ceramic terminal block?

The choice of material directly affects the performance of the entire production of the ceramic terminal block, which is by design. Take the plastic material as an example: if the design is based on UL94, V-0 flame retardant, the technical parameters of the material properties table of each material should be carefully reviewed. Whether it can meet the product standards, such as whether the impulse withstands voltage and aging resistance tests can be passed, in terms of hardware materials, the selection of the sheeting material is mainly TP, which is especially important because the sheeting must not only meet a certain electrical conductivity but also have a certain degree of conductivity. Elasticity brings difficulties to our engineers in the selection of materials, and it is precisely in this respect that our company is pursuing the trend of elastic components. If the conductivity of the material is greater, the contact resistance is lower and the temperature rise is lower. The plug-in force and the contact resistance have a quadratic curve. The contact resistance is mainly divided into compression resistance, film resistance, and volume resistance. Among them, the film resistor accounts for 70-80% of the total resistance, which is also the main factor affecting the life of the ceramic terminal block. Full attention should be paid to the gold-plated and silver-plated ceramic terminal blocks. Although the conductivity of silver is higher than that of gold, it is chemical stability is not as good as gold, and the film resistance caused by it is much greater than that of gold plating. Therefore, understanding the relationship between the above is of guiding significance for our choice of materials and is a prerequisite for the design of the ceramic terminal block.

How to design the structure of the ceramic terminal block?

The design of the ceramic terminal block structure is also very important. It is entirely a matter of experience, and there is no shortcut. In this regard, each series has its characteristics, such as screws preventing falling, splicing products being curved in the front and rear, and having long digits. To prevent the deformation of the screw due to deformation, shrinkage, uneven wall thickness, etc., there are three main methods: three ribs, anti-lock hoop, anti-stamping, and anti-shrinking. There are not many anti-drops, and most of them use the neck to prevent it. The realization of the structure of the ceramic terminal block is based on the precondition that the plastic material is PA66. Here we need to explain the prevention of the neck. For example, to ensure the screw can be smoothly screwed into the thread, the corresponding adjustment should also be made when the ceramic terminal block is produced.

With a strong focus on products quality, heavy investment has been made in tooling design and mold making for the manufacturers of Ease Industries & Investments Co., Ltd. Strictly raw material control and evaluation guarantees the consistency of our mass production quality. Anyone who needs ceramic terminal blocks can choose our company.


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