How to prevent the failure of the wiring terminal block?
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How to prevent the failure of the wiring terminal block?

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The quality of the terminal block depends to a certain extent on the plastic insulating material and the conductive part of the terminal block. The failure of any terminal block will lead to the failure of the entire system project. Preventing failures is of more practical significance for ensuring the quality and reliability of the terminal block.

Here is the content list:

  • How to prevent poor connection of the terminal blocks?

  • How to prevent poor insulation of terminal blocks?

  • How to prevent the bad fixing of the terminal block?

How to prevent poor connection of the terminal blocks?

1) Continuity test: general terminal block manufacturer product acceptance test does not have this item, and users generally need to conduct a continuity test after installation.

2) Instantaneous interruption detection: some terminal blocks are used under a dynamic vibration environment. Merely checking whether the static contact resistance is qualified, does not guarantee reliable contact in a dynamic environment. For some terminal blocks with high-reliability requirements, to evaluate their contact reliability, it is best to conduct a 100% dynamic vibration test.

3) Single-hole separation force detection: the method of measuring single-hole separation force to check contact reliability is more effective than measuring contact resistance. To this end, in addition to developing a new generation of flexible plug-in contacts that are stable and reliable, the manufacturer should conduct a 100% point-by-point single-hole separation force inspection on the finished product to prevent instantaneous signal interruption due to the loosening of individual jacks.

How to prevent poor insulation of terminal blocks?

1) Insulation material inspection: the quality of raw materials has a great influence on the insulation performance of the terminal block. Therefore, it is particularly important for the selection of raw material manufacturers, not to blindly reduce costs and lose the quality of materials. We should choose materials from large reputable factories. 2) Insulator insulation resistance inspection: to ensure that the electrical performance is qualified, 100% process screening should be carried out in the state of the insulator components.

How to prevent the bad fixing of the terminal block?

1) Interchangeability inspection: interchangeability inspection requires that the plugs and sockets of the same series can be mated and connected. Another function of the interchangeability check is to detect in time whether there is any metal excess that affects the insulation performance through the plug-in connection of the thread, the bayonet, and the like. Therefore, 100% of the wiring terminal blocks for some important purposes should be checked for this item to avoid such major fatal failure accidents.

2) Torque endurance inspection: torque endurance inspection is a very effective inspection method for assessing the reliability of the terminal block structure. According to the standard, samples should be sampled for torque resistance inspection in each batch, so that problems can be found in time.

3) General test of crimped wires: it is often found that the individual core crimped wires are not delivered in place or the contact is unreliable during electrical installation. After discovering the defect, the crimped wires that have been installed in other holes have to be uploaded one by one. Replace the plug seat again. In addition, the manufacturer must conduct a thorough test on all the installation holes of the delivered plug (seat) sample before the finished product leaves the factory, that is, use the loading and unloading tool to simulate the wire with the pin or the socket in place, and check whether it can be locked. According to the product technical conditions, check the pull-off force of each crimped wire.

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