Information about wrapping band
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Information about wrapping band

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The cable wrap band is mainly used for cable protection and is generally made of glass fiber, which is a fiber made of silica. The cable wrap band made of this material can achieve insulation, flame retardant, and heat resistant ability and better protect the person and the safety of the cable. Wire protection tube is mainly installed in the communication cable and power line cross-section of the lot, to prevent the power line breakage caused by short-circuiting accident, caused by the communication cable and wire rope charged, to protect the cable, switch, movement board, and even the whole machine is not burned, the power line magnetic interference also plays a certain role in isolation.

Here is the content list:

  • The role of wrapping band

  • Wire winding tape material

  • Application of wrapping band

The role of wrapping band

First, to protect the insulation or inner sheath layer from armor skin damage when the cable is armored, and play the role of buffer and liner.

Second, in the process of cable use, due to different materials on the cable insulation or inner sheath layer play a different role in heat insulation, or anti-corrosion, anti-aging, etc.

Third, so that the wire into a cylindrical shape, to prevent the line lose.

Four, shielding, so that the signal is not interfered with.

Five, between the conductor and the shield line to play a role in insulation.

Wire winding tape material

1. Aluminum foil mylar has a single-sided hot melt self-adhesive and double-sided hot melt self-adhesive, generally with a single-sided, small masking area, masking number resistance is large.

2. Mylar tape, also known as polyester tape, has good tensile strength and has the effect of preventing loosening.

3. PTFE tape can also be called PTFE cable wrap band, this product is prepared by PTFE dispersion resin, has a special fibrous microporous structure, the product has a low relative density, low dielectric loss, and by the temperature, signal frequency changes in the influence of small, stable dielectric constant, excellent temperature resistance, good weather resistance, etc., is very ideal for high-frequency wire and cable dielectric material.

Application of wrapping band

Wrapping band is mainly used for force cable, control cable, cross-linked cable, mining cable, communication cable, etc. The product has a small specific gravity, thin thickness, high strength, moderate elongation, anti-slip, moisture-proof, non-absorbent, good electrical properties, certain flame retardant, long single coil winding, and close round winding. The product has light-specific gravity and high tensile strength. The winding tape has moderate elongation, good heat resistance, stable and reliable winding and binding performance, certain flame retardancy, and coarsening treatment by using polymer crystallization characteristics.

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