Information introduction of wire protection pipe
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Information introduction of wire protection pipe

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Wire protection tube is a new type of casing material promoted for use in electric power engineering. With the rapid development of the buried power cable laying project, the higher requirements for cable casing, cable protection casing is made of polyethylene PE and high-quality steel pipe after sandblasting and shot blasting pretreatment, dipping, or painting, heating and curing process. It is the most commonly used kind of electrical insulation tube to protect wires and cables. It is widely used because it has good insulating performance, high chemical stability, no rust, no aging, and can adapt to harsh environments.

Here is the content list:

  • The characteristics of the wire protection tube

  • Cable winding tape advantages

  • Application of wire protection tube

The characteristics of the wire protection tube

1, Corrosion resistance, long service life, can be used in wet and saline areas.

2, Flame retardant, good heat resistance, can be used for a long time at 130 degrees without deformation, not burning in case of fire.

3 High strength and high stiffness. Used in direct burial under the lane without adding concrete protection layer, can roll fast cable construction progress.

4, The pipe has flexibility, can resist the damage caused by external heavy pressure and foundation settlement.

5, Wire protection tube has good resistance to external signal interference.

6 This winding tape can work under 538℃ for a long time.

7, Flame retardant and fire-resistant characteristics reduce the incidence of fire.

8, lower electrical conductivity, can give the cable better insulation protection.

Cable winding tape advantages

1) Can play very good insulation, and his service life is also very long

2) Can reduce the erosion of some metals such as aluminum and zinc

3) No toxicity, no adverse effects on the environment and human body

4) The use of winding tape is very convenient.

Application of wire protection tube

Wrapping tape is used in products such as exhaust pipes, motors, transformers, etc. In building electrical engineering, the scope of use of wire protection tubes is as follows.

(1) When the electric wire passes through the floor or wall of the building or tunnel or when the electric wire is buried underground indoors, the protection tube is required.

(2) wire from the trench to the pole, equipment, to be easily accessible to indoor pedestrians, from the ground height of 2m below a section of the wire installed protection tube.

(3) Wires laid under the road or across the road need to set protection tube.

(4) the wire from the bridge or the installation of the bridge has difficulties and cable scattered places, are laid on the wire protection tube.

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