The advantages and standards of the cable gland
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The advantages and standards of the cable gland

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Cable gland, as the name suggests, can be applied to the environment with water to provide a safe and reliable connector. For example, waterproof joints are required for LED street lights, lighthouses, cruise ships, industrial equipment, sprinkler, etc

Here is the content list.

  • The advantages of the cable gland

  • The standard of the cable gland

The advantages of the cable gland

The cable gland comprises the first connecting half for threading the first wire and the second connecting half for threading the second wire. The first connecting half and the second connecting half of the product are butted and connected through a threaded connector; The cavity formed by the first connecting half and the second connecting half of the product is provided with a concave contact for connecting with the conductor of the first wire of the product and a convex contact for connecting with the conductor of the second wire of the product, and the concave contact of the product is pressed against the convex contact of the product; The outer end parts of the first connecting half and the second connecting half of the product are respectively connected with a lock-tight envelope thread. Due to the adoption of the above technical scheme, the product has the advantages of convenient use, good sealing performance, and good waterproof performance. It can be applied to various occasions and effectively solves the waterproof problem of line wiring

The standard of the cable gland

Joint pipe connection: This is the most used nonrigid joint form at home and abroad. The utility model has the advantages of less steel consumption and low cost, but more one-time investment, high requirements for lifting equipment and time control, and there are problems of overall stiffness and leakage. This type of joint is used in Sanshanjie Station.

Joint box connection: this method is to attach an open joint box next to the joint pipe, which can make the horizontal reinforcement of two adjacent groove sections overlap and become a rigid joint.

Diaphragm: the diaphragm uses a steel plate as the plug for pouring concrete in the unit slot section. This kind of joint can keep the reinforcement continuous or discontinuous (nonrigid joint), which can be determined according to the design requirements and construction conditions.

I-beam joint: I-beam is not only the main component bearing vertical torque and horizontal shear but also the combined component between two groove sections. It can be designed as a simply supported beam supported by I-beam. This joint is effective when it is very close to large buildings and the length of the slot section is short.

Cold hot wire connector: the European implicit connector technology is adopted. The internal hot wire of the heating cable gland is directly connected with the cold wire by fusion welding. The outer PE insulation layer, aluminum foil armor shielding layer, leakage protection tinned copper wire and PVC outer sheath are formed at one time through the assembly line to produce high-quality finished products at one time without manual splicing; At present, many brands of heating cables at home and abroad use manual splicing or spot welding for cold and hot wire joints, and the outer layer is closed with heat-shrinkable tubes. The production process is backward, there are many hidden dangers and faults, and the open joint diameter is too large (about 10-20mm), which is not convenient for construction and laying; In contrast, the implicit joint improves the reliability and safety of the product in terms of waterproof and electrical safety.

At present, the world-class implicit splicing technology ensures the product quality of the heating cable, and the failure rate of the product is almost zero. Ease Industries & Investment Co., Ltd. conducts many tests on cable glands for connection before they leave the factory, and the quality qualification rate is guaranteed. If you are in the cable gland, you can consider our cost-effective products.


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