The buying points and traps of cable tie
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The buying points and traps of cable tie

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The operating temperature of nylon cable tie with stainless steel tooth is minus 40 to 90 degrees, and its comprehensive mechanical properties are far superior to general engineering plastics. It is an ideal material to replace copper, stainless steel, and other non-ferrous metals. Next, let's take a look at the buying points and buying traps of the cable tie. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

l Five main buying points for the cable tie.

l Two buying traps for the cable tie.


Five main buying points for the cable tie.

First, purchase according to the purpose of use. Cable ties of different specifications and materials are used in different places, so you should confirm your purpose of use before purchasing. Second, purchase according to the pull of the cable tie. Whether the cable tie can be bundled effectively, the key lies in the magnitude of the pulling force. When the tension is too small, the cable tie is easy to break when tying over-large items; the cable tie with the high pulling force is also not easy to tie tightly when tying small objects. Third, purchase according to the amount of cable tie. Avoid storing by yourself, which is prone to aging or rust, and try to buy as much as possible when buying. Fourth, purchase according to the appearance of the re-openable cable tie. The appearance of cable ties is mainly in color and workmanship. Whether it is the original color cable tie or various colorful cable ties, the appearance must be smooth and odorless, and the workmanship must be fine. Fifth, choose a cable tie according to the length. The cable tie should have a length of no less than 10cm during the bundling process. Therefore, you should purchase a mounted cable tie with a sufficient length when purchasing to avoid being too short and not tightly bound.

Two buying traps for the cable tie.

Inferior cable tie material

If you buy a UV stabilized cable tie online, the most important thing is to prevent the appearance of a cable tie made of inferior plastic. Because cable tie needs to be bent strongly during use, the elasticity and toughness of old plastic have higher requirements. When shopping online, it is inconvenient to check the quality of the cable tie, so it is easy to buy the cable tie made of inferior plastics, and it is easy to break during use.

The cable tie model is wrong

There are different types of cable ties, such as wide, narrow, long, and short. Ask about the size of each type according to your own needs when buying. After getting the goods, they must also be checked to prevent the seller from making mistakes or deliberately when shipping the goods, which may lead to the purchase of heat-resistant cable tie products with the wrong model.

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