The definition and classification of the re-insulated terminals
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The definition and classification of the re-insulated terminals

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The re-insulated terminal is the cable terminal of the gas-insulated part installed inside the gas-insulated enclosed switchgear (GIS) with sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) gas as the external insulation.

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  • The definition of the re-re-insulated terminals

  • The classification of the re-re-insulated terminals

The definition of the re-re-insulated terminals

A re-insulated terminal also referred to as a GIS terminal, is a necessary product for SF6 switchgear to realize cable incoming. It is also used for connecting cables to transformers.SF6 gas or transformer oil shall be filled outside the terminal. The GIS terminal shall adopt the combined structure of the prefabricated stress cone and epoxy sleeve, and the conical tray with spring shall tightly top the prefabricated stress cone to make it close to the conical wall of the epoxy sleeve. There is no need to add any insulation pouring agent in the terminal, which has reliable sealing performance, high insulation strength, and stable performance, and can meet the requirements of GIS switch and transformer operation. The coordination between the GIS cable terminal and GIS switch shall meet the coordination size requirements of IEC60859. The long-term working temperature and current carrying capacity of the product can meet the requirements of its matching cable

The classification of the re-re-insulated terminals

Gas re-insulated terminals are divided into dry gas re-insulated terminals and gas re-insulated terminals with insulating filler according to filler.

Dry gas-insulated terminal model:

Gas-insulated terminal with insulating filler model: yjzgc

1.Suspension insulator: it is widely used for insulation and mechanical fixation of high-voltage overhead transmission lines and soft buses in power generation and substation. In the suspension insulator, it can be divided into a disc suspension insulator and a rod suspension insulator. Disk suspension insulator is a kind of insulator widely used in the transmission line. Rod suspension insulators have been widely used in Germany and other countries.

2. post insulator: mainly used for insulation and mechanical fixation of busbar and electrical equipment in power plant and substation. In addition, post insulators are often used as an integral part of electrical equipment such as disconnectors and circuit breakers.

Among the post insulators, they can be divided into pin post insulators and rod post insulators. Pin post insulators are mostly used in low-voltage distribution lines and communication lines, and rod post insulators are mostly used in high-voltage substations.

3.Porcelain insulator: insulator made of electrical ceramics. Electrical ceramics are baked from quartz, feldspar, and clay. The surface of the porcelain insulator is usually covered with a porcelain glaze to improve its mechanical strength, waterproof infiltration, and increase surface smoothness. Among all kinds of insulators, porcelain insulators are the most commonly used.

4.Glass insulator: insulator made of tempered glass. Its surface is in the state of compression prestress. In case of crack and electric breakdown, the glass insulator will break into small fragments, commonly known as "self explosion".This characteristic makes it unnecessary to detect the "zero value" of the glass insulator in operation.

5.Composite insulator: the insulator is composed of a glass fiber resin core rod, organic material sheath, and umbrella skirt. It is characterized by small size, lightweight, high tensile strength, and excellent pollution flashover resistance. But the anti-aging ability is not as good as porcelain and glass insulators.

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