The method of installation and the consideration of the application of the cable gland
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The method of installation and the consideration of the application of the cable gland

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A cable gland is a kind of connecting device often used in a power system. It is mainly used in outdoor products, medium, and large-scale remote control machinery, and the equipment whose body is in the outdoor control system is not on the body. For example, cable waterproof joints are used in chemical plants, power plants, power supply bureaus, base stations of telecommunications networks, and factories with a high degree of automation.

Here is the content list.

  • The method of installation of the cable gland

  • The consideration of the application of the cable gland

The method of installation of the cable gland

Installation of cable gland.1. Select appropriate joint materials according to the model and specification of the cable waterproof joint. Nowadays, the quality of cable joint materials is also uneven. However, to ensure the quality of cable joint, it is recommended not to be cheap and choose the materials of cable joint manufacturers with reliable quality.2. Do not choose rainy days when installing the cable waterproof joint, because the water inflow of the cable will seriously affect the service life of the cable, and even short circuit accidents will occur.3. Before making the cable waterproof joint, we must carefully read the manufacturer's product manual, which is particularly important for 10kV and above cables. Before doing it, we must think about all processes before doing it.4. For the terminal joint of a single-core armored cable above 10kV, remember that only one end of the steel strip can be grounded.5. The copper pipe shall not be pressed too hard. As long as the crimping is in place, the copper end face after crimping is bound to have many convex starting points. This must be flattened with a file without leaving any burrs.6. When the heat shrinkable cable connector uses the blowtorch, pay attention to the blowtorch moving back and forth, and do not blow the torch continuously in one direction.7. The size of the cold shrinkable cable joint must be strictly by the drawing instructions, especially when pulling out the support in the reserved pipe.

The consideration of the application of the cable gland

In the application of cable gland, the following matters must be paid attention to 1Minimize the working pressure of waterproof joints. In the whole process of specific application, a maintenance waterproof sleeve must be sleeved to avoid cracking at the junction of wire heads due to bearing heavier external working pressure. In addition, it can better improve the dielectric strength energy at the joint and prevent the interior from the harm of external wet and cold gas.2. To make the power circuit operate longer, some detailed solutions can be made. After connecting the connector with the wire, it shall be fixed with an insulating pipe and double arm dispensing heat shrinkable pipe, and finally fixed with heat-shrinkable waterproof tape. It is worth mentioning that the route is not neat at the joint at the specific application time. On the contrary, the routes should be separated from each other.3. Before purchasing, you should master the specific requirements, such as waterproof level and requirements for common raw materials of waterproof products

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