What are the characteristics and applications of terminal blocks?
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What are the characteristics and applications of terminal blocks?

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Terminal blocks are suitable for the interconnection of a large number of wires. In the power industry, there are dedicated terminal blocks and terminal boxes, all of which belong to terminal blocks. To ensure a certain crimping area is to ensure that the contract is firm so that enough current can pass.

Here is the content list:

●What are the characteristics of terminal blocks?

●What are the applications of terminal blocks?

What are the characteristics of terminal blocks?

Using the existing rail-type terminal block and the iron frame technology of the frame, in the circuit connected with the electrochemical element, the fan can be automatically connected to the photoelectric process. The control unit must be reliably isolated from sensors and actuators, which is the core of automatic control. This problem can be solved by the Sanmenwan WUKG2 optically isolated terminal. This kind of terminal can ensure that the field signal and electric control equipment need low voltage matching, and can also be used as process control peripheral equipment and control, signal, and adjustment interface component equipment, and can be used in different voltage and power ranges. Optical isolation terminal has the advantages of low control terminal signal loss, high switching frequency, no mechanical contact jitter, no wear switch, high isolation voltage, no fear of vibration, no positional influence, and long life. Therefore, the terminal block can be widely used in the field of automatic control.

What are the applications of terminal blocks?

The terminal block is a piece of metal wrapped in insulating plastic, which is used to facilitate the connection of wires. There are holes at both ends of the terminals for inserting wires and screws for tightening or loosening. For example, sometimes two wires need to be connected, but sometimes they need to be disconnected. Then you can connect them using terminal blocks without soldering or twisting them together, and you can disconnect them at any time, which is very convenient and fast. Terminal blocks are mainly used in lighting, communications, security, and other industries. Pluggable terminal blocks dominate the application industry, such as frequency conversion, anti-vandalism, numerical control panels, access controllers, sensors, PLCs, meters, power supplies, and servo drives, etc., all require this kind of terminal blocks. The general requirements are that the insertion and extraction force should be stable, and the contact resistance should be small, which can meet a certain life and fatigue. Therefore, the requirements for the hardware shrapnel materials are relatively high when making the connection terminal blocks. This requires the product designer to have certain experience in the structure and material selection of the terminal. Barrier terminal blocks are mainly used in industries such as relays (especially double-layer terminal blocks), inverters, power supplies, and air conditioners, and a small number of them are also used in the elevator industry. This series of terminal blocks require screws to have higher torque requirements during crimping. At the same time, the distance from the screw to the highest position is required to be greater than the maximum crimping range. For long digital terminals, there should be no warpage, the screws are corrosion-resistant, and the performance is good.

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