What types of terminal blocks can be divided into?
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What types of terminal blocks can be divided into?

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Terminal blocks are complementary products used to realize electrical connections and belong to the category of connectors in the industry. As the level of industrial automation is constantly improving and the requirements for industrial control are becoming more and more stringent, the number of terminal blocks is also gradually increasing.

Here is the content list:

●What types of terminal blocks are there?

●What are the characteristics of different types of terminal blocks?

What types of terminal blocks are there?

Terminal blocks can be divided into European terminal block series, pluggable terminal block series, transformer terminal block, building terminal block, fence terminal block series, spring terminal block series, track terminal block series, through-wall terminal block series, photoelectric coupling wiring terminal block series, 110 terminal block, 205 terminal block, 250 terminal block, 187 terminal block, OD2.2 ring terminal, 2.5 ring terminal block, 3.2 ring terminal block, 4.2 ring terminal block, 2 ring terminal, 6.4 ring terminal block, 8.4 ring terminal block, 11-ring terminal block, 13-ring terminal block mark series terminal block and sheath series, various ring terminal blocks, tube type terminal blocks, wiring terminal blocks, copper bars and iron bars (2-03, 4-03, 4-04, 6-03, 6- 04) wait.

What are the characteristics of different types of terminal blocks?

1. The plug-in terminal block consists of two parts that are inserted and connected, one part is crimped, and then the other part is inserted, and this part is soldered on the PCB board. The anti-vibration design and mechanical principle of the connection bottom can ensure the long-term airtight connection of the product and the reliability of the finished product. Mounting ears can be installed at both ends of the socket. The mounting ears can protect the tabs to a large extent and prevent poor tab arrangement. At the same time, the design of the socket ensures that the socket is properly fitted to the parent. The socket may have a connecting strap and a locking strap. The connecting belt can be securely secured to the PCB board, and the locking strap can lock the base and socket after installation. A variety of socket designs can be matched with different matrix insertion methods, such as horizontal, vertical, or inclined to the printed circuit board, and different methods can be selected according to customer requirements. You can choose metric wire gauge or standard wire gauge, which is the most popular terminal block type on the market. 

2. Barrier terminal block blocks can realize a safe, reliable, and effective connection, especially in the environment of high current and high voltage. 

3. The spring type terminal block is a new type of terminal block with a spring device. It has been widely used in the world's electrical and electronic engineering industries: lighting, elevator control, instrumentation, power supply, chemical industry, automotive power supply, etc. 

4. The guide rail terminal block adopts a crimping and unique thread self-locking design, and the wiring connection is reliable and safe. The appearance design of this series of terminal block blocks is beautiful and generous, and it can be equipped with a variety of accessories, such as short-circuit strips, identification strips, baffles, etc.

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