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Copper Tube Lugs

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03 - 20
The copper tube lugs we often use are also called wire lugs, copper wire lugs, copper pipe lugs, wiring terminals, etc. They are the connectors that we often use to connect wires and cables to electrical equipment. Be sure to pay attention: copper tube lugs are only used for wires larger than 10 squ
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03 - 13
Copper tube lugs are used to facilitate cable communication. It is a piece of metal sealed with protective plastic. There are holes at both ends to allow wires to be inserted. There are screws or fasteners, such as two straps. Sometimes you need to connect, sometimes you need to disconnect. During t
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03 - 10
The copper tube lug is a kind of accessory product used to realize the electrical connection, which is divided into the category of connector in the industry. The copper tube lug is used to facilitate the connection of the wire. The terminal is a piece of metal wrapped in insulating plastic. There a
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